Сребърен юбилей на ИФЛА - Европа

IFLA Europe 25 years

Come join the celebration!

Twenty-five years ago, ten European professional landscape architects met in Vilvoorde (Belgium) to create the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA) inspired from the international experience they had witnessed, in 1948 with the creation of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), and who believed that our way of perceiving and understanding the world –derived from our profession- could contribute to its development.

The European Foundation for Landscape Architecture has since then grown up and changed in many different ways. One of the changes being its name which from European Foundation for Landscape Architecture moved to European Federation for Landscape Architecture and finally to the IFLA Europe further to a “Coming Together” agreement between IFLA and EFLA turning the organisation into the European region of IFLA.

Today, despite the time of crisis were are going through IFLA Europe Silver Jubilee ought to be celebrated as recognition of our unceasing work. We must continue believing that our professional skills will enable us to elaborate a vision of the future, and have society trust us in this challenge. This is basically the aim of this Silver Jubilee celebration: to show the rich complexity of the landscape mosaic characterising our work, which deals with nature and culture, and considers man and society the focus of its beliefs.

To achieve these goals your help is needed; IFLA Europe is nothing else than the tangible expression of each of its National Associations members’ passions, needs and goals. How can you help?

By posting the IFLA Silver Jubilee logo attached and the link to its website www.iflaeurope.eu/SilverJubilee .
By sending us information about an activity that you would be carrying out in collaboration with your association.

Our purpose is not to centralise this Jubilee on a single event, but rather to show a myriad of situations across Europe to lead us to a global holistic approach; no matter the event, from defending some trees in a protected area to a summer festival.



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