Education in "Landscape Architecture"

The “Landscape Architecture” specialty is the successor of the “Green Urban Construction” specialty, opened in 1951 and later renamed “Greening of populated areas”.

During the training, students receive complex fundamental and practical-applied training with eco-biological, aesthetic-artistic, construction-technical, territorial-planning and economic aspects.

The education of the students is two-level – master’s and doctor’s. The educational and qualification degree “Master” lasts 10 semesters and ends with the defense of a diploma thesis.

Graduates of the specialty acquire the title of “Landscape Architect”. They are prepared to perform:

  • organizational and managerial
  • designer
  • production and technical
  • construction and operation

activities in the field of green systems and greening of urban and non-urban areas, the organization, protection and enrichment of the landscape.

They can participate in competitions for lecturers in universities, continue their education in the educational and scientific degree “Doctor”. The training for the degree “Doctor” lasts 3 years and ends with the defense of a doctoral dissertation.

General Fundamental

The general fundamental training of Landscape Architects is carried out by studying the disciplines:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Sketching with a park perspective
  • Geodesy with vertical planning
  • Botany
  • Physiology of plants
  • Genetics and selection of ornamental plants
  • Landscape science
  • Soil Science with Fertilization
  • Theory of park art and others

Specialized Professional

The specialized professional training of Landscape Architects is carried out with the study programs of:

  • Floristry
  • Decorative nurseries
  • Park architecture
  • Forest parks
  • Construction and maintenance of green areas
  • Structure of the landscape
  • Hydromeliorations in landscaping and others

Realization possibilities

    Graduates of the specialty “Landscape Architecture” realize professionally:

    • In local government bodies, regional and municipal councils
    • In design units for park and landscape arrangement
    • As technical managers for construction and maintenance of park sites in state and private companies, branch offices and other structures related to the creation of green systems in the country


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