International Federation of Landscape Architects

IFLA is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit democratic organization of professional Landscape Architects.

It represents the landscape architecture profession in governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO and others.

Members from

national associations of
Africa, North and South America,
Europe, Asia and the Middle East 


IFLA promotes the profession of Landscape Architecture within the framework of collaboration and partnership of an allied professional environment, demanding the highest standards of education, training, research and professional activity and providing leadership and guardianship in all areas.


IFLA is the leading international body for promoting the creation of a globally sustainable and balanced living environment from a landscape-architectural perspective.


1. To establish, strengthen, develop and promote the profession, discipline and education of Landscape Architecture, combining with the diverse range of arts and sciences at an international level.

2. To establish, develop and promote the highest standards of education and professional activity, influencing the widest range of landscape architecture activities (including but not limited to planning, design, ecology, biodiversity, management, maintenance, culture , conservation and social economy).

3. To develop and promote the international exchange of knowledge, scientific research, acquisition of skills and experience in all matters related to landscape architecture in all cultures and communities.

Means of achieving IFLA’s objectives

To encourage and support the establishment and development of new and existing national and multi-national professional associations of landscape architects.

To encourage and support the establishment of Regions, regional groups and related councils or assemblies, and special interest groups.

To enable the formation of appropriate committees and working groups for the purposes of specific tasks and in accordance with predetermined strategies and plans.

To promote and support the creation, construction and development of educational opportunities in landscape architecture, standards and scientific research worldwide.

To encourage and support all levels of government to establish and improve legislation relating to the profession of landscape architecture.

To work together and cooperate with relevant international organizations and professional groups for the development of the profession.

To encourage and support the publication and distribution of research information relevant to the development and progress of the profession.

To make necessary arrangements with governmental, non-governmental, national and international agencies, in support of and on behalf of existing and potential national associations.

To support and host congresses, conferences and other significant meetings.

To encourage and support any other action that will benefit the profession of landscape architecture in an appropriate way throughout the world.


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Year of foundation

The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) was founded in 1948 in Cambridge, England by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe – its first president.


Among the founders are landscape architects from 15 countries from Europe and North America.


Since 1978 until now the headquarter of IFLA is in Versailles, France.

Regional organizations

The following regional organizations are included in the structure of IFLA

IFLA Africa
IFLA Europe
IFLA Mid-East
IFLA Americas
IFLA Asia-Pacific

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Year of Foundation

On April 4, 1989 The European Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA Europe) was founded as the European division of the IFLA International Federation.


Representatives of 12 national IFLA member associations formed in 1989 EFLA (European Foundation for Landscape Architecture):

Belgium, Denmark, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland and Greece.

From EFLA to IFLA Europe

In June 2012 in Saint Petersburg (Russia) the organization voted and used the name IFLA Europe in order to simplify the organizational system of EFLA & IFLA.


IFLA Europe is currently headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

Purpose of Founding

Pay particular attention to European park architecture,
education and professional matters.

IFLA Europe

Ambitions of IFLA Europe

  • To become the leading organization in establishing, supporting and promoting the profession of landscape architecture in Europe
  • To contribute to the international discussion
  • To shape and disseminate European initiatives
  • To facilitate the exchange of information
  • To promote excellence in professional practice, education and research for a culturally rich, diverse and sustainable Europe

Member of ENQA7 - European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

This relationship greatly assists the organization in developing and quality assurance of IFLA Europe’s procedures for the assessment of landscape architecture education.

Partner in program EU-TEACH

IFLA Europe is one of the 5 core partners in the EU-TEACH program to “implement relevant European teaching content in landscape architecture education”.

Four other partners in the program are the universities of Sheffield, Corvinius (Budapest), Kassel and ECLAS.

Main objective of IFLA Europe

To equalize and improve the level of landscape architecture work and education in countries across Europe.

ULA Bulgaria and IFLA Europe

Year of Admission to IFLA Europe

In November 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia, at the General Assembly, the application of the Union of Landscape Architects in Bulgaria for membership was considered, voted and accepted.

For this purpose, the vice president of professional practice architect and landscape architect Carlo Brushi reviewed and approved the necessary documents a few months earlier.

Membership in the World Organization as well

With the acceptance of ULA in IFLA Europe, the union automatically becomes a member of IFLA – the globally recognized professional organization.

Effective Membership

The membership of the Union of Landscape Architects in Bulgaria (ULA) in IFLA and IFLA Europe is effective since January 1, 2012.


11 Krakra Str., 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
Office "Union of Landscape Architects of Bulgaria"